Brand Identity
Print Design
Web Design

No. 1


After I’ve met with the client and have a solid understanding of the task, I put my nose to the grindstone. I start by researching a brand and its consumers to identify core values. These values will provide a foundation for solutions that achieve the brand’s goals. In detail, I will look into things like competitors, market trends, and history, as well as its future.

No. 2


I always begin brainstorming with a pencil and paper. Once I’ve developed a clear strategy, I move forward with the design process by sketching out my concept. Based on the project, I will draw inspiration by creating mood boards, free writing, storyboarding, and planning out color scheme, layout, typography, etcetera.

No. 3


This is where strategy and concept come together. I execute my vision – launching small increments at a time to gather feedback early on until I’ve completed the desired product. During development I will put into practice my knowledge of design principles and software to craft an exceptional product.

No. 4


It is now the client’s task to review the product and present me with any critiques and suggestions they may have. Taking this feedback into consideration, I will refine the design and examine every detail to make further improvements. These refinements may include changes to aesthetic elements or putting on the final touches.

No. 5


The product can get ready for completion once it is approved by the client. Delivery of the finished pieces depends on the type of project it is – print, web, or otherwise. Once it is packaged appropriately it can finally be sent off to the client or a third party such as a printer or media outlet.